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Test Title Test Acronyms
T and B Lymphocyte Differential Profile
T-lymphocyte Helper/suppressor T4:T8 Analysis, Helper:Suppressor Ratio
T3 Free
T3 Reverse Reverse T3
T3 Total
T3 Uptake Thyroid Hormone-binding Ratio
Tacrolimus Level
Teichoic Acid Antibodies
Testosterone Free Direct with Total Free Testosterone Direct and Total
Testosterone Level Total
Testosterone, Free Direct +Total LC/MS
Testosterone, Free, Direct Free Testosterone Direct
Tetanus Antitoxoid IgG Ab Tetanus Toxin Antibodies
Theophylline Level Peak
Theophylline Level Random
Theophylline Level Trough
Thiopurine Metabolites 6MP Metabolites, 6TG Metabolites, Azathioprine Metabolites, Mercaptopurine Metabolites
Thiopurine Methyltransferase TPMT Biochemical Assay, Myelotoxicity
Thrombin Time Thrombin Clotting Time
Thyroglobulin Antibody and Thyroglobulin, IMA or LCMS Reflex

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